Past Performers

Some of the acts that have appeared at Richard Sale Barn

  • Johnny Nicholas and Hell Bent

  • a.blayzeandsaddles

    Blayze & Saddles

  • cathead

    Cat Head Biscuit Boys

  • Get a sneak peek into his new CD

    Marty Christian

  • tk hulin

    T.K. Hulin

  • troyrichard

    Troy Richard

  • 6235_10151061059130388_191609772_n

    Rayo Brothers

  • doucets

    Michael and David Doucet

  • roddieromero

    Roddie Romero

  • Garland

    Garland Thompson

  • 0411_Sale_Barn_Zydeco

    Corey Ledet

  • 0218_Perry_Brothers

    Pickin ‘N’ Grinnin

  • stage

    Average Joe

  • 8109222

    Rue Boogaloo

  • 015-Lil-Buck

    Lil Buck Sinegal

  • lisa_sings_lee

    Lisa Picone

  • 77632_d9c1d043034f41de85972b90b4bc6139

    Jonathan Perry

  • ev-gonsulin

    Kent Gonsoulin

  • murrayconque

    Murray Conque

  • cowboys

    Marshland Cowboy

  • castilefam

    Castille Family

  • 0902_Barn_CarolFran

    Carol Fran

  • 560.noveaustringband

    Noveau String Band

  • patrickhenry

    Patrick Henry and the Liberation Band

  • Cajun Cowboys of Vermillion Parish

  • gregmartinez

    Gregg Martinez and the Delta Kings

  • Full Circle Band

  • henrygrey

    Henry Gray and The Cats

  • 560.nunez

    Michael Juan Nunez

  • sonsofvoodoo1

    Sons of Voodoo

  • ev-mikedean

    Mike Dean

  • hometownjams

    Hometown Jams with Clayton and Ronnie

  • ev-landry

    Yvette Landry

  • sambroussard

    Sam Broussard

  • ev-goldentriangle

    Golden Triangle

  • ev-magnoliasisters

    Magnolia Sisters

  • ev-fairtomiddlin

    Fair to Middlin